The Sustainable Development Research Network (SDRN) was an initiative coordinated by the Policy Studies Institute in London.

SDRN Aims and Objectives

SDRN aims were to facilitate and strengthen the links between providers of research and policymakers across government, in order to improve evidence-based policymaking to deliver the UK government’s objectives for sustainable development. Its specific objectives are to:

  • Facilitate the provision of research and evidence to policymakers
  • Engage government policymakers, scientists and members of the research community
  • Promote sustainable development in the research and academic communities
  • Work with funding bodies to encourage relevant research
  • Advise the Defra Sustainable Development Unit on SD research issues

SDRN Activities

SDRN undertook a wide variety of activities to promote the use of sustainable development research within policy-making. In particular, the Network:

  • Undertakes Research and Evidence Reviews
  • Organises a rolling series of seminars, workshops and lectures
  • Organises an Annual Sustainable Development Research Conference
  • Produces the SDRN mailing, a fortnightly e-newsletter for all members