Successful business and procurement review

By SDRN on 8th March 2008

SDRN are currently working with Bath University’s Centre for Research in Strategic Purchasing and Supply (CRiSPS) to produce a Rapid Research Review on Sustainable Business and Procurement. This review aims to provide improved understanding of successful businesses and their approaches to procurement, and to consider their relevance to the debate on sustainable public procurement.

The review will explore three key questions:

  1. What is the role of sustainable/strategic procurement in creating successful organisations?
  2. Which accounting, finance and other business process tools are currently used by successful organisations to deliver sustainable and strategic procurement practice and choices?
  3. What is the relevance of (1) and (2) to public sector sustainable procurement, particularly in the areas of construction/Facilities Management (FM), Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and procurement of commodities?

In this way, the review will highlight policy-relevant, transferable lessons from the private sector for the public sector, and facilitate the identification of further research opportunities.

The findings of the draft literature review will be open to comment and further input from experts and policy-makers during a small workshop, to be held at the end of March/early April 2008. Launch of the final rapid review is anticipated in May. Further details to follow shortly.

For further information about SDRN’s Sustainable Business and Procurement Review, please contact Ben Shaw [tel: +44 (0)20 79117544].