Future flood prevention

By Robert Lyons on 9th November 2016

The House of Commons Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee has published its Second Report of Session 2016-17 on future flood prevention. 

With five million people in England at risk of flooding, more frequent and intense storms resulting from climate change and current funding levels insufficient to protect people in future decades, the Committee has identified the need for a new model for managing flood risk.  This focuses on joined-up action to improve flood protection by establishing a new National Floods Commissioner for England; new Regional Flood and Coastal Boards to coordinate regional delivery of national plans, in partnership with local stakeholders, and a new English Rivers and Coastal Authority. 

The Committee recommends a number of measures in advance of major reforms including that catchment measures need to be adopted on a much wider scale, flood risk communications must be simplified and resilience must be improved by helping communities and individuals to cope with and recover from flooding.