Developing a Transport Strategy for Climate Change Adaptation: Workshop Report

By SDRN on 8th April 2008

This workshop was held on 7th December 2007 to assist DfT and Defra in developing policies to deal with climate change adaptation and transport. The workshop aimed to facilitate stakeholder discussion in response to four key issues:

    • What are the likely risks associated with climate change?
    • What are the likely economic and social impacts of climate change on the UK’s transport system which will need to be adapted to?
    • What policies would help the UK’s transport system adapt to climate change, and promote the development of sustainable transport? What policies and activities are already underway? What are the gaps?
    • What evidence is needed in order to support these policies?

The workshop report, produced by the Centre for Sustainability, introduces the background to the workshop, summarises the guest presentations, break-out group discussions, key recommendations, and highlights the Chairman’s observations on the four main themes to arise from the workshop; uncertainty, risk management, policy and institutional issues, and resilience of the system.

Download the workshop report.

Download the workshop presentations: