SDRN Mailing, 30 August 2017

By Robert Lyons on 30th August 2017
Research and resources


1. Sustainable Scotland Network annual conference
Edinburgh, 5 October 2017
The conference is an opportunity to discuss with network members, peers, partners and the Scottish Government where public sector action can enable broader and deeper impacts in line with national ambitions, how to initiate and align collaborative action with partners and key stakeholders, what is needed to mobilise strong public sector leadership that delivers action on climate change and sustainability and stimulates purposeful engagement on this pressing agenda across Scotland. More…

2. Decision Making under Deep Uncertainty
Oxford, 13-15 November 2017
This annual workshop of the Society for Decision Making under Deep Uncertainty (DMDU) will deal with the challenges of decision making at different spatial and temporal scales from the perspective of deep uncertainty.  The event will focus on practical decision making, with keynote presentations from Claire Craig, Director of Science Policy at the Royal Society, and Sergej Mahnovski, Director of Strategic Planning at Edison International.  There will be panel discussions, poster sessions, demonstrations of tools and models,  and the workshop will be preceded by a training day. More…

3. Sustainability - Where are we now?
London, 18 September 2017
This RIBA Journal event at The Building Centre aims to reappraise the concept of sustainability, discuss what sustainability means now, debate whether current regulations are outdated and ponder what, if anything, is now driving the green policy agenda in the built environment. More… 

4. Rethinking Growth: Toward the Well-being Economy
Cardiff, 18 September 2017
Following the launch of their Discussion Paper, Rethinking Growth: Toward the Well-being Economy, Dr Mark Lang and Professor Terry Marsden will deliver an evening seminar that seeks to consider the impact of growth on economic, social, environmental and cultural sustainability. More…

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Research and Resources
1. Sustainable Mobility through Fuel Cells and H2
In 2050, 113million fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) could save up to 68million tonnes of fuel and almost 200 million tonnes of carbon emissions. As such, they could make a significant contribution to reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in the transport sector. That is the conclusion reached in a study produced by Shell and the Wuppertal Institute jointly and which now has been translated into English. More…

2. Most countries lose out with forest-to-farm conversions
Study finds deforestation in Latin America, insular South-East Asia (which include Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Timor Leste) and Madagascar derived low agricultural benefits and high environmental costs. More…

3. Impact of palm oil production on orangutans in Borneo
A new report by the International Institute for Environment and Development examines the impact of the palm oil industry, which has contributed significantly to the economic development of Indonesia and Malaysia, but has also caused widespread deforestation of ecosystems renowned for their biodiversity, as well as conflicts with indigenous peoples. More...

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