SDRN Annual Conference 2010: Presentations

By SDRN on 6th January 2011
Date and Time: 
Thursday, December 9, 2010 - 12:15

Plenary Session I: Opening Plenary
Sustainable Development Policy under the new Coalition Government 

Parallel Session 1a: Innovating for a transition to a sustainable economy

Parallel Session 1b: Digital technologies in research and practice

Parallel Session 2a: Trade and Sustainable Development

Parallel Session 2b: Skills for a Green and Sustainable Economy

Plenary Session II: Panel Discussion
Environmental citizenship and pro-environmental behaviour

This is an SDRN event

Attached files

Attached files: 

Fred Steward 2010.pdf
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Dr Joe Smith 2010.pdf
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Henry King 2010.pdf
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Alice Baverstock 2010.pdf
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Tess Gill 2010.pdf
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David Uzzell 2010.pdf
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Tim Balcon 2010.pdf
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Rob Hayward 2010.pdf
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Rob Crumbie 2010.pdf
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