Osprey Leisure Centre

By Bridget Elliott on 25th June 2013

Location: Portland, Dorset.

Aim: The installation of a 10kWp array of solar PV panels on the Osprey Leisure Centre in Portland.

Background: Osprey Leisure Centre is an ex-Navy building which was taken over by South Dorset Community Sports Trust in 2007 to provide recreation and sports facilities for the local community.

Activities: This was the first project to be funded by carbon reduction charity PURE the Clean Planet Trust using donations from British Airways passengers to BA’s One Destination Carbon Fund.

Results: The electricity generated by the solar array has reduced Osprey Leisure Centre’s electricity bill by over 10%. It is estimated that, at current energy prices, the panels will generate around £125,000 of energy savings and feed-in tariff payments over the next 25 years.


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Video about the project