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Northfield Ecocentre

By SDRN on 7th October 2012

This case study is courtesy of Sustainability West Midlands.

Award: Business in the Community West Midlands START Awards 2011 – Low Carbon Communities.

Organisation: Northfield Ecocentre is a Birmingham based charity inspiring local people to live a greener life.

Back 2 Earth

By SDRN on 22nd April 2012

LOCATION: Tottenham, London.

AIM: To transform local people’s lives by enabling engagement with, and productive use of, the immediate environment.

BACKGROUND: Back2Earth (B2E) began life in 2004 as a local community regeneration and environmental charity, developing a programme of environmental volunteering (particularly around local community food production) and green skills training projects, mainly for marginalised and disadvantaged residents.

STATUS: Ongoing.



By SDRN on 17th April 2012

LOCATION: Portobello, Scotland

AIM: To create a vibrant, sustainable Portobello, which can help combat climate change and reduce fossil fuel use through a process of re-localisation.

Low Carbon West Oxford

By SDRN on 29th March 2012

LOCATION: West Oxford

AIM: To reduce the carbon footprint of West Oxford through encouraging and enabling more sustainable lifestyles amongst residents.

Landshare UK

By SDRN on 27th March 2012


AIM: To bring together those who have land to share with those who need land for cultivating food, in order to help address growing concerns around food security, carbon emissions from industrial farming and food miles.

Capital Growth

By SDRN on 22nd March 2012


AIM: To work with local authorities, housing associations and other landowners to make under-used land available to growers and communities for the creation of 2012 new community food growing spaces across London by the end of 2012.

LOCATION: King’s Cross, London.

AIM: To inspire and enable young people to generate environmental and social changes in their communities.

Incredible Edible Todmorden

By SDRN on 25th November 2011

LOCATION: Todmorden, Pennines (but also more recently replicated elsewhere)

Eostre Organics

By SDRN on 11th November 2011

LOCATION: East Anglia

AIM: To build a fair, ecological and cooperative food system, providing a source of sustainable livelihoods and business viability for small local organic producers in response to a decline in rural farm employment and competition from international markets.